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Deep Purple - King of the Hard Rock (and plagiarism)

Deep Purple is one of the cornerstones of the rock. Even their latest album has reached radio hits, and their classic songs are often played by other bands. Deep Purple has been the most important band to many musicians and also to me. I investigated a little bit of the backgrounds of their songs. Deep Purple has always been open with copying others' songs, and despite the law issues, I think they have developed songs from the original versions.

Let's begin with the clear one. Listen to It's a beautiful day's Bombay Calling and Child in Time. The story behind Child in Time is quite well-known. Jon Lord had played Bombay Calling, and the band decided to change it a little bit. It was conscious decision to copy Bombay Calling, and as result they made one of the greatest songs in rock history.

Black Night has also interesting background. There are two suggestions for the riff, which were copied. I chose We Ain't Got Nothing Yet from Blues Magoos, because the riff and chorus are almost similar to Black Night.

Fireball as album is different from Deep Purple in Rock. It presented Deep Purple more progressive, but it also presented Deep Purple's version of Warpig's Rock Star. Warpig is from the same genre as Deep Purple, and the band has also admitted this plagiarism. And I'd say again, Deep Purple's version is better.

But back to It's a beautiful day. Because Deep Purple had used Bombay Calling, they used Purple's Wring That Neck in their song Don & Dewey. Practical, and this also describes, how musicians felt when their songs were copied. It was only honour to them.

Finally, a couple of words about SOTW. Yes, there are may songs, which remind the riff in Smoke on the Water, but I chose Maria Moita. This version is interesting, and I think Ritchie has talked about Maria Moita as inspiration to Smoke on the Water -riff.

When talking nowadays about plagiarism, it is good to have a look to 70's. Musicians wanted to create new music and were open to other artists' songs. And what was the result? Better music!

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